What Is The Cost of

The Certification?

Our Mission!

German Certification Body offers high-quality certification services at cost and time-efficient rates, making our ISO Certification price highly competitive on the market. Clients have the option of paying for the services monthly, annually or every three years, and costs depend on the number of employees working for an organization. German Certification Body also offers certification in multiple languages.

The following are the standards that German Certification Body can certify:

Management Standard

Strategies for enhanced quality control, competitiveness, assessment, internal reliability and service.

Management Standard

Defines values for sustainability and environmental commitments.

Information Security
Management Standard

Executes and maintains the organization’s Information Security Management System.

Occupational Health and
Safety Management Standard

Contains requirements for promoting safe and healthy workplaces by preventing work-related injuries and diseases.

*Starting price for companies with less than 15 employees. Click ‘Book Certification Now!’ for a more detailed pricelist.

German Certification Body’s workflow comprises the following basic steps:

1. Defining the objectives, scope and criteria for an individual audit.

2. Selecting and determining audit methods.

3. Selecting auditor or audit team members.

4. Assigning of responsibilities to audit team members, if applicable.

5. Managing audit program results.

6. Managing and maintaining audit program records.

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