ISO 45001 Certification


German Certification Body desires to become a fully digitalized organization. To maximize efficiency our certification application process was introduced as an online shop. Additionally, for proper documentation, your company is required to sign both the Certification Agreement and the Certification Mark Licensing Agreement. Furthermore, if your company is located in the EU or EEA, you shall sign the Standard Contractual Clauses (GDPR compliance) to continue with the certification process. Please read the agreements carefully before the order.

ISO 45001 is a global standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management (OHS).

ISO 45001 is designed to reduce health risks of employees working for organizations, irrespective of their size or sector. The standard concentrates on employee safety and security in the workplace.

Payment Frequency

Monthly, Yearly, Every 3 Years

Employee Number

Up to 15, incl. 1,5 audit days/year, 16 to 30, incl. 2 audit days/year, 31 to 50, incl. 3 audit days/year, 51 to 100, incl. 4 audit days/year, 101 to 200, incl. 5 audit days/year, 201+, incl. 5 audit days/year + 1 day/year for each additional 200 employees

Certification Language

English, German, Russian, Serbian, Romanian, Greek, Croatian

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